Photogallery: Introduction

Hi Everyone. 
This section contains photographs which I thought were good enough to display on my site. This section is dedicated to my family and my friends. Click on the links below to view the photographs.

This is an older version of the photogallery that is viewable on old browsers and/or with javascript turned off. For a newer prettier photogallery that is a bit more functional visit

A Thank you note for Pranav for letting me use his scanner, Surabhi, Vinit and Yannis for the use of their digital camera's. If you have any comments or suggestions please feel free to email me or fill out my feedback form.

Directory Tree

  This section is sub-divided into several sections. Please click on the section name below to browse that section. When you Click on a Sub Section the photographs are loaded at the bottom of this Page.

   College Photographs
   Family Photos
   Helpdesk Photos
   School Photos


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